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About Steel City Sports Talk
Steel City Sports Talk is a discussion-based website that is locally made, maintained and administered by individuals in and around New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement
"Steel City Sports Talk strives to become Western Pennsylvania's premier sports talk discussion page by offering its users top-notch features and design while being responsive to their needs and wants."

(Brief) History
First opened February 1, 2006, Steel City Sports Talk offered a place for Pittsburgh sports fans to "Talk Steel". The design of the site was based on Andy Stagg's "AtwindaSoft Forums" ASP code, heavily modified for the purposes of SCST. The features and flexibility of this design proved cumbersome and outdated, however, and on January 8, 2007 the site was put on hiatus until further notice by (current) site administrator MattyGabe.

Starting October 2007 Mattygabe quickly worked to re-code the entire site from the ground up using a completely different platform (PHP+SQL). Taking input from several past users and combining it with what he found on other sites on the internet, he came up with a list of features he wished to implement, and went about doing so for the next three months.

A Word From 'The Chief'
"No, I'm no Rooney, that's for sure. But I have worked very hard at producing the work you see now. It has a lot of nice features coupled with an overhauled interface that is more intuitive. I hope that you enjoy the site and all of my work.

I will learn from my past mistakes so this site will be constantly changing. I ask for your input in this matter. If you think of a feature you would like to implement, or see a flaw some how, please, by all means, use the contact form and let me know about it! The only way this site will get better is if you help.

Thanks once again for being a part of the Steel City Sports Talk team, I hope to see you around! Go Pens!

MattyGabe, Main Site Administrator

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