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Here you can find a great collection of links to other sites that Steel City Sports Talk's administrators feel deserve a link or more. These sites are quality sites, and we invite you to visit them often.

Friends of Steel City Sports Talk
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NFL Smackdown - NFL Draft 365 days a year, Power Rankings, Podcasts, Forums, NFL News and Notes, and much more. - 100% Uncensored Football Forum, No Holds Barred! Discuss all 32 NFL teams without being censored!

Related Websites
Lets Go Pens (new window) - A site that revolves around the Pittsburgh Penguins. One of THE best Penguins resources on the web.

Steelers Addicts -
(new window)  is a new, fresh place to get ALL your up to date Steelers news as it happens. You can pass the time 24/7 with fellow Steeler & NFL fans and talk about the Black-N-Gold where everyone's opinion is valued and appreciated!

Pro Sports Daily - (new window) "News that drives the Sports World", news from the NFL, MLB, NHL and even NBA. Great news outlet with tons of information to be had!

Hockey's Future - (new window)  easily one of the best online resources regarding the scouting and ranking of up-and-coming hockey prospects. Involves a lot of AHL scouting information (check out the WBS page!)

Blueline Hockey Talk Radio - (new window) an online talk radio show hosted by none other than Millian. A long-time friend of SCST and a great resource for hockey fans in general, Millian gives you his no-blows views on today's NHL.

MLN Sports Zone - (new window)  an e-zine with some great content about minor league sports. Everything from hockey to football, MLN has it!

This Is Getting Old - (new window)  local Pittsburgh sports fan's blog

Faceoff-Factor - (new window) dedicated to bringing unique opinions, the latest news, draft and prospect information and game information that can’t be found anywhere else all regarding the Penguins.

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic - (new window)  blog of a former radio broadcaster who lives in the Pittsburgh area and is a Penguins fan (of course)

Pittsburgh SteelerGridiron - (new window) a great resource for all things Steelers, including up-to-date information regarding the draft, free agency, and more.

PensUnderground -
(new window) a great Penguins bulletin board with some avid Pens fans.

UK Road Runner -
(new window) A complete guide to running for beginners and for more experienced runners, including advice on injuries,nutrition, training and much more.

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