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RSS Feeds
To help you keep on top of all the newest information here at SCST, we've developed some RSS feeds that you can put into your favorite feed reader, or on your homepage (such as on iGoogle or My Yahoo!, for example).

For a list of FeedReaders, click here.

Recently Active - A feed of up to six of the most recently active articles on SCST. Spans all categories.

Most Popular - a feed of up to six of the most popular articles on SCST. Spans all categories.

Penguins - A feed of up to six of the most recent Penguins articles.

Pirates - a feed of up to six of the most recent Pirates articles.

Steelers - a feed of up to six of the most recent Pirates articles

List of Feed Readers
First off, if you're still unsure or a bit confused about what feeds are, click here to be taken to the Wikipedia article where you can learn all you need and more about them.

Second, if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer 7+, your browser already supports the RSS standard and you may not need to download a feed reader application. If you want to anyways, here a couple free feed readers:

SharpReader - a freeware Windows feed reader by Luke Hutteman.
RSSOwl - an open-source cross-platform news aggregator.

For a complete list of feed readers, both client and web-based, please see Wikipedia.

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