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Site Updates
To keep better track of all the changes made on SCST and to keep everyone aware of what changes have been made, this page has been created. Check back periodically to see if anything has changed.

As always, if you have a suggestion for something you think should be updated/changed on SCST, don't hesitate to use the contact form to let an administrator know!

(Changes listed most recent first)

March 8, 2008:
-Added mobile version of SCST (first revision is read-only, future versions may include login/posting)

March 4, 2008:
-Added mobile/desktop Steelers, Penguins wallpapers to Wallpaper page

March 3, 2008:
-Added mobile Ben Roethlisberger wallpaper to Wallpaper page

February 29, 2008:
-Enabled SCST Friends module, provided links to application page

February 27, 2008:
-Added Site Updates page (the one you're viewing now) to keep track of updates made to SCST.
-Added Teal and Burnt Orange color schemes to site (can be switched to on Edit Preferences page)
-Added Alt tags to menu images for accessibility purposes
-Changed viewarticle.php's page size from 10 to 15
-Added Downloads page and created first download file (2008 Sports Calendar)

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