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Report: Steelers LB Harrison fined for comments
Posted by Fashza at 5:32PM on 10-8-08

" LOS ANGELES (TICKER) —Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has been fined $20,000 for comments he made following Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to a Tuesday report on

Harrison was called for a personal foul when he took down David Garrard after the Jaguars’ quarterback released a pass early in the fourth quarter.

“Ridiculous call,” Harrison said after the Steelers’ 26-21 victory. “You don’t make a call like that. Unless (the official) might have money on it.”

The 2007 Pro Bowler will join New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the list of those that have been fined for comments critical of NFL officials this season.

Payton was fined $15,000 while Jones was docked $25,000.

  This is actually the entire article... rather small one.
But I think it's outrageous that the refs can make really bad calls, or really bad non-calls, and no one is allowed to criticize them, even after they have admitted the bad call. I'm not a Jerry Jones fan, neither am I a fan of the Saints, but the refs have actually looked worse this year than they did last year. And I am not just talking about Steeler games. What with all the late games they have played this year, I have been able to watch other teams games, and boyu there sure is a lot of terrible calls this year.

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Member #: 1
Total Posts: 273

Posted at 10:02AM on 10-9-08

It does seem that there are a few more this year, but maybe they're just calls that are catching our attention more. I'd like to see a statistic that compares the number of calls between years and see if there are any spikes. Maybe week-to-week errors as well (then that raises the question, What precisely defines an error?). It'd be interesting to see. If I come across anything I'll post. If anyone else does, please do the same.


"If sloth were an industry, I'd be General Motors." --Vincent van Gui  



Member #: 1
Total Posts: 273

Posted at 5:30PM on 11-7-08

Lamar Woodley is the most recent Steeler to be fined for an unflagged play:

"Linebacker LaMarr Woodley is the latest player to get fined by the NFL. Woodley was reportedly docked $10,000 for his sack of Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell, who was thrown to the ground and banged his head on the turf during the tackle.

"I can't believe it," said teammate James Farrior when discussing the latest player to be fined by the NFL. "It's getting worse and worse. We're not able to do the things required of playing the game. I guess throwing a guy down is intimidating or something."


Goodell's Gulag continues on. This is getting rediculous.


"If sloth were an industry, I'd be General Motors." --Vincent van Gui  


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