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NBA Attendance Barely Above NHL ... Really?
Posted by MattyGabe at 7:15PM on 11-25-08

" Last Friday, we published a post about the divergent attendance and enthusiasm trends in the NHL vs. the NBA. It has sparked some wide-ranging debate, and I'm due on Rogers Sportsnet's Prime Time Sports to discuss it tonight. Sports Media Watch has a post on the topic week with some really interesting numbers and insights, including how razor-thin the margin is between the NBA and NHL in average attendance:

During the 2007-08 season, the NBA averaged 17,396 fans per game, compared to 17,268 for the NHL. Through November 24 of this year, using the most recent data compiled from, the NBA is edging the NHL in average attendance, 17,178 to 17,119.

  A very interesting article writting in the perspective bias of a very popular Yahoo! Sports hockey blogger, Greg Wyshynski (Puck Daddy).

While NBA fans may brag on and on about how much coverage they've been getting and how their ratings "soar through the roof", I'd like to see them explain the fact that as ESPN has secretly (yet not discretely enough) held a bias against hockey (example: "And here's a 5 second clip of Sidney Crosby's amazing goal. Wow. Ovoochkinski or whoever did something too, but... Whatever. Now, onto our analysts. Bill, what did last night's third-quarter rally in the Celtic's first preseason game say about this team's chances at repeating this year?" Don't believe me? Try watching SportsCenter some more). Without a major network deal except for NBC (and its barely considered major), the NHL has still managed to bring in a very quickly growing and very diverse (male-female, at least) crowd to watch its games.

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Member #: 12
Total Posts: 184

Posted at 6:44PM on 11-26-08

That IS interesting, indeed. Imagine what it would be like if the NHL got equal coverage by sports media!





Member #: 1
Total Posts: 273

Posted at 3:10PM on 3-20-09

Not to give this an unnecessary bump, but I read in Sports Illustrated (in paper, haven't found it online yet) that Vs (cable channel network) has had higher ratings due in part to its program lineup that focuses on the 22-35 young adult male demographic.

It also included the fact that NHL viewership on the channel is up over 100% from last year.

I haven't heard anything about the NHL on NBC, but I'd imagine those ratings are up nowadays, too. Anyone know for sure?


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100% Uncensored Football Forum, No Holds Barred! Discuss all 32 NFL teams without being censored!