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Pirates set mark with 17th straight losing season
Posted by Fashza at 4:51PM on 9-8-09

" 17 consecutive seasons, 17 without a winner.

Until Monday, no team in the four major North American pro team sports had experienced such a string of misery. Itís happened now to the Pirates, who are fielding what some in the game are calling a Triple-A team thatís trying to compete alongside the Cubs and Cardinals.

Not very well, either.

  Pittsburgh, Home of Champions, and the Pirates !!!

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Posted at 11:07PM on 9-8-09

What that article fails to mention is that, actually, there was a team that has suffered an even worse string of misery, they just missed the dubious historical distinction that the Pirates have now claimed: the same Phillies team that previously held the 16-year mark also had a fluke season that they finished 78-76 after an unexpected win in the last season game, because that season was amidst 31 consecutive losing seasons, split in half by a single fluke season.

Doesn't make 17 any better, but I wish they'd do a little more research instead of just throwin that in there


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