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Polamalu hurts knee, may miss 3-6 weeks
Posted by Fashza at 7:19AM on 9-11-09
Comments: 0

Pirates set mark with 17th straight losing season
Posted by Fashza at 4:51PM on 9-8-09
Comments: 1 (last at 11:07PM on 9-8-09)

Steelers’ Hartwig signs 4-year contract
Posted by Fashza at 4:53PM on 9-8-09
Comments: 1 (last at 11:05PM on 9-8-09)

Steelers DE Keisel signs 5-year contract
Posted by Fashza at 4:23PM on 8-31-09
Comments: 0

Steelers starter Stapleton out for season
Posted by Fashza at 4:21PM on 8-31-09
Comments: 0

Editorial: Is Pirates Ownership Doing the Right Thing?
Posted by MattyGabe at 11:31PM on 8-6-09
Comments: 1 (last at 8:38PM on 8-10-09)

Marian Hossa finally gets to meet Stanley
Posted by Fashza at 3:45PM on 8-8-09
Comments: 1 (last at 8:00PM on 8-8-09)

Should Vick Return? Dohrmann Thinks Not
Posted by MattyGabe at 11:25PM on 7-20-09
Comments: 0

SEA Wants Casino to Begin $7.5M Payments, Soon
Posted by MattyGabe at 3:14PM on 7-15-09
Comments: 0

Penguins sign winger Ruslan Fedotenko to a one-year contract
Posted by Fashza at 10:46AM on 7-5-09
Comments: 0

Snell Demoted to Indy; Vasquez to Take His Place
Posted by MattyGabe at 12:08PM on 6-25-09
Comments: 0

Posted by MattyGabe at 13:02AM on 6-13-09
Comments: 1 (last at 5:28PM on 6-15-09)

Playoff Push: 5 Things Pens Need to Do Now
Posted by MattyGabe at 3:29PM on 1-26-09
Comments: 4 (last at 11:42AM on 6-10-09)

Bucs Draft Catcher Sanchez with 4th Pick
Posted by MattyGabe at 11:36AM on 6-10-09
Comments: 0

Bucs Deal McClouth for 3 Atlanta Prospects
Posted by MattyGabe at 9:08AM on 6-4-09
Comments: 0

Should NFL Rookie Salaries Be Kept in Check?
Posted by MattyGabe at 6:04PM on 5-18-09
Comments: 2 (last at 13:40PM on 5-22-09)

Official Steelers Statement on Larry Foote Reports
Posted by Fashza at 7:30PM on 4-28-09
Comments: 5 (last at 13:34PM on 5-9-09)

Penguins drop interim tag from Bylsma's title
Posted by Fashza at 7:25PM on 4-28-09
Comments: 0

Steelers work out new deal with Hines Ward
Posted by Fashza at 10:18AM on 4-26-09
Comments: 1 (last at 12:32AM on 4-27-09)

Pens, Flyers evenly matched for this first-round feud
Posted by Fashza at 11:18AM on 4-14-09
Comments: 1 (last at 2:54PM on 4-14-09)

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